As you know, our out of hours cover is now provided by Vets Now. They work throughout the nights, weekends and bank holidays when we are closed, and specialise in emergency care. This allows us to get some sleep and be in better shape to care for your pets during working hours. Here’s a bit more info about what to do in case of an out of hours emergency:

If you have an emergency outside our normal surgery hours, please call the usual surgery number on 01290 420255 and press 1 for an emergency (as before).

You can also ring Vets Now directly on 01563 258 028 if you prefer.

You’ll be transferred to the Vets Now team and they will discuss with you what happens next.

If you need an appointment at Vets Now this will be at their premises in Kilmarnock – they will give you directions.

You’ll need to be able to transport your pet to Kilmarnock unless there are exceptional circumstances – the team at Vets Now will discuss this with you.

If your pet is seen at Vets Now their current clinical history will be sent to us promptly so that we can then liaise with you as necessary the following day. This means we know what treatment your pet has received and what the next steps should be so we are always kept in the loop. We will ensure that your pet has appropriate follow-up treatment if this is necessary.

If your pet has been seen at Vets Now out of hours and is too poorly to move, they will be looked after in Kilmarnock until they are stable. If they need ongoing care and are fit to transport, you’ll be asked to collect your pet and bring them to the surgery here first thing in the morning on the next working day.

If your pet is an in-patient at Crossriggs and is fit to move at the end of the working day, you will be required to take them to Kilmarnock for overnight care. If your pet is hospitalised at Crossriggs and is not well enough to be moved they will be cared for at the practice here by one of our vets.